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Luxury Yacht Rental

Princess 61, 25 pax | Princess 54, 15 pax

Are you bored of the regular Resort get-togethers, hotel banquet events and private villa parties?

Luxury Yacht parties and harbor cruises are trending among people who believe in living life king-size. Ocean Blue offers a wide range of yachts on rental and hire basis in Mumbai, offering super package deals with exclusive facilities for a memorable yachting experience.

Mumbai to Mandwa

12 pax | 8 pax | 6 pax

Why would you drive for 3 hours to reach Alibag by road when you can Zip across to Alibag (Mandwa) from the Gateway of India in a speed boat in flat 20 minutes flat and at affordable prices?

10-12 seater Speed boats fleet available on hire and rental basis, operating from Gateway of India to Alibag (Mandwa Port Jetty) and back. Book the speed boat at your convenient time slot and save 2hr30mins compared to driving by road. No queue or long hours of waiting for boarding the boat from Gateway or Alibag (Mandwa)

Mumbai Harbour Cruise

61 ft, 25 pax | 54 ft, 15 pax | 26ft, 5 pax

Cruise around the Mumbai harbour on a boat of your choice. Experience the sights and sound of the Mumbai harbour.