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Boats in Stock
Model Name Length Width Height Weight Capacity (Pax) Price Image
Oceanic 14" 26" 13" 25kgs 1 Rs.41,000/- Kayak
Saxo 11'5" 24" 27" 35kgs 1 Rs.80,000/- Boat India
Chrono 19'6" 27" 27" 35kgs 2 Rs.185,000/- Boat India picture
Wave Ski 245cm 67cm - 10kgs 1 Rs.76,800/- Boat India image
Paseo 9'9" 30.3 13.4" 20kgs 1 Rs.37,000/- image Boat India
Mambo 8'9" 30.3 13.4" 20kgs 1 Rs.34,000/- Kayak India
Model Name Speed Run Time Depth Weight Price Image
Aquanut 1mph/1.6km/h 1 hour 10ft/3m 3.3kgs Rs.22,999/- Speed Boat motor
Dolphin 2mph/3.2km/h 1.5 hour 15ft/53m 5.4kgs Rs.28,999/- Motor for Speed boat
VS Supercharged 3mph/4.8km/h 1.5 hour 100ft/30m 8.2kgs Rs.51,999/- Speed Boat motor
Pro 2mph/3.2km/h 1 hour 65ft/20m 6kgs Rs.36,999/- motor for Speed Boat
GTI 2.5mph/4km/h 2 hour 100ft/30m 8.2kgs Rs.42,999/- Image for Speed Boat motor
Model Name Length Width Height Passenger Max Speed Image
Surmarine Bahia 300cm 138cm 80cm 3 27 knots Speed Boat
Surmarine Rada 225cm 118cm 81cm 2 20 knots Speed Boat Image
Model Name Length Beam Draft Sail Area Hull Weight Capacity Skill Level Price Image
Laser XD (Standard \Radial\ 4.7) 13.78ft 4.56ft 2.62ft 50.59 58.97kg 1 Intermediate / Expert 3.5 lacs Sailing Yacht Image

Ocean Blue is India’s premier boating company with a wide range of Boats, Yachts, Super Yachts, Marinas, etc. and represents several leading brands like Azimut, Atlantis, Mahindra Odyssea, Sealegs and Lagoon.

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