Marine Frontiers, India & Water Transport Solutions, Australia sign agreement for 20 Aluminum Vessels

Mr. Nitin Doshi, Chief Executive Officer of Marine Frontiers Pvt. Ltd., India & Mr. Christer Borjesson, Chairman of Water Transport Solutions, signed an agreement with celebration for the construction of 20 aluminium vessels with a size of between 25 to 30 meters over a period of three years.

The vessels to be built by Marine Frontiers at their Dharamtar factory near Mumbai will be for export to WTS Australia and will be operated in the Australian offshore Oil & Gas Sector.

This major export order establishes India and Marine Frontiers in the international aluminium commercial vessel market and gives recognition of the Quality & Facilites Marine Frontiers has established at Dharamtar, whilst providing new employment opportunities for the manufacturing sector & highlighting India as an exporter of aluminium vessels.

Water Transport Solutions (WTS) is a marine logistics solution provider offering an integrated business model combining the Design, Manufacturing, and Operation of highly Specialised Offshore Support Vessels, primarily constructed in Aluminium, to service the Offshore Oil & Gas Sector in Australia.

Marine Frontiers Pvt. Ltd. is India's first Aluminium shipyard based at Dharamtar, Maharashtra with full production capability for vessels upto 60Meters in length and 150 Tonnes in weight.