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Lagoon Catamarans

The first in Cruising Catamarams.

Lagoon is the largest luxury catamaran builder in the world. It has been the leader in cruising catamarans owing to its innovative range and a truly global dealer network. Over 690 Lagoon 380's and over 150 Lagoon 450's sold since its launch in 2010 are strong testimonies to this fact.

Part of the CNB division of group Beneteau (one of the largest boating groups in the world), Lagoon offers a complete range of catamarans up to 62 ft. High quality design and construction with exceptional cruising performance represent the bedrock of Lagoon. Over the years, a number of technological advances introduced by Lagoon have become essential features in modern day cruising catamarans.

In a telling statement of the Indian consumer's new found confidence, the Lagoon 560 (the world's first fly-bridge sailing catamaran) arrived in India in 2012 opening up the possibility of sailing to exotic destinations like Lakshadweep, Maldives, Andamans etc.



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