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At Ocean Blue, we are fully focussed on only one thing:
To provide Indian boating enthusiasts with the very best that the world has to offer.

Ocean Blue caters to those who appreciate the finer things in life. Which is why, you will find only undisputed leaders in their category that comprise our portfolio.

Motor Yachts - Ocean Blue deals in the top brands for motor yachts. They are known for both, their cutting edge design and advanced technology. Azimut Beneti Group, the number one mega yacht builder has set a whole new benchmark for luxury yachts; and has consistently been at the number one position.

Sailing Yachts - We provide sailing yachts and catamarans that are the epitome of luxury and grace, performance and style. Nautor's Swan, is the world's finest luxury sailing yacht. Our catamarans also provide exceptional cruising performance. Our dealer, Lagoon Catamaran, is the largest luxury catamaran builder in the world.

Speed Boats - We offer the best range of speed boats built by well acclaimed yacht builders. They are built for maximum livability and openness, without compromising on comfort and performance. Sealegs is the revolutionary amphibious boat. They can be used in a number of water sports; and are sure to conquer your heart with their style and sporty looks.

Sea-Doo  - We offer the best jet skis for water sports enthusiasts. We exclusively represent Sea-Doo in India. Sea-Doo are the innovators of the world's first on-water braking system. Their jet skis have a high speed and a screw-shaped impeller that creates thrust for propulsion and steering. They are extremely fuel efficient and virtually maintenance free.

Jet Kayaks - Jet kayaks can give you a whole new boating experience. Use them for surfing, joy riding, fishing, and a number of other water sports! Jet kayaks have a neutral start, reverse braking; and offer both, fun and affordable recreation.

Water Sports - Water sports include a number of fun activities. Ocean blue provides equipment for a number of these like sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing etc. We also have transparent kayaks that let you enjoy the magnificent underwater view.

Houseboats - Houseboats are your own little luxurious space, but on water. These are fitted with every amenity to suit your needs. You can fish, sunbathe, or just enjoy a quiet dinner amidst the blue waters.

Ownership - We have a number of brands and various models in stock for you to choose from. We also have grand pre-owned boats that you can get for great prices. Boats are a reasonably high investment and hence, we give you all the help you might need; so to you can make a wise choice that suits your needs best.

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Ocean Blue is India's premier boating company with a wide range of Boats, Yachts, Super Yachts, Marinas, etc. and represents several leading brands like Azimut, Atlantis, Mahindra Odyssea, Sealegs and Lagoon.

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